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About The Artist

Kristi Halva Mosaic ArtistKristi Halva is a 45 year old artist who resides in Stockton CA. She has been involved with the arts since her days in high school. As a student at Lincoln High, she had numerous opportunities to work with Bill Pugh and many other great teachers in a multimedia approach to art work. As a student Kristi was involved in all that the college had to offer ranging from Art History to Stage Makeup.

Kristi has recently studied under the direction of Laurel True, a well-known mosaic artist at the Institute of Mosaic Arts in Oakland California. She has extensive experience working on interactive projects with grade school classes ranging from 1st – 8th grade. Kristi has shown her work with the Stockton Art League, at Summerwind Stain Glass Gallery in Isleton, has been commissioned by many for personally created work, and has had art for sale at the Empty Nest in Oakdale. She has also created the floor to a beautiful outdoor garden in Lodi CA at St Peter Lutheran Church in the memorial garden for Samantha Williams.

Kristi’s most recent study has been with the architectural application of mosaic artwork. Kristi’s favorite part of working with stained glass in the mosaic application is all the beautiful colors and textures of the glass. She also feels that every piece is a discovery for her in how the glass reflects the light and how when a completed project is grouted the different views of nature seem to come right off the board in a 3-dimensional way.